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Creative Work
Desirée Brown's poetry has been featured in multiple print and online literary journals, and she has self-published a collection she wrote as a pre-teen and teen. She has also written two creative theses that have not been published. View her work below.

Longer Works

Roses are Read is an eclectic collection of poems that express the struggles and stages of teenage existence. From first kiss to first heartbreak, awkward moments to awkward stages, and broken lies to broken cries, Roses are Read illustrates what average (and not-so-average) teenagers experience every day and after. No one will understand the ups and downs of struggling to balance school, friendship, young love, disappointment, and learning to recognize yourself better than a teen. Get lost within the sad, twisted, and perplexed mind of a lovestruck adolescent trying to figure out what helps the heart beat and stops it from bleeding.
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