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5 Easy, Affordable Ways to Transform Your Home Right Now into The Relaxing Space You Deserve

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Since the infamous year of 2020, we have had to juggle our careers, our households, and our leisure in the same location. Well, this year it’s time to reclaim our homes! With these 5 easy life hacks, you can revamp your swamped home life, transforming your space into the new Zen Den you need.

1. Set the mood with music

I’m a huge fan of Jazz music. When I am cooking dinner or crocheting a funky sweater, I play a calming Jazz playlist in the background. This small but effective habit helps me differentiate between my work time and my downtime. Once 5 o’clock hits and the Jazz starts, all my work stress evaporates.

If you’re looking to fill your entire house with a relaxing tone, investing in a couple of Bose Smart Speakers is a fun way to immerse the whole family. Using one device, you can play the same playlist from multiple speakers by grouping the speakers together, surrounding you with cozy noise no matter which room you’re in.

2. Add some getaway decor

Love the beach? Missing the mountains? Wish you were somewhere tropical? Incorporating hints of your favorite destinations into your home environment can help you feel more at peace throughout the day. My favorite place in the world is Paris. Seeing my little Eiffel Tower figurine sitting at my desk each day gives me a calming breath while I remember walking around the city.

It’s important not to go overboard with the getaway decor. Too much and it will lose it’s magic quickly. I once decorated my bedroom with tons of tropical-themed tapestries, paintings, bedding, and knickknacks. In the end, it just looked tacky and made me miss real vacations.

3. Decorate with plants

Putting a houseplant in the rooms you want to relax in brings life to any space. I like to add some greenery to my bathroom by placing a plant that enjoys high humidity beside the shower. During a warm bath, it adds a beautiful liveliness to my downtime, deepening my relaxation.

Be sure not to add too many. If you’re like me, you’ll get overwhelmed with taking care of them and it will become another chore. Terrible at keeping plants alive? Go for fake houseplants instead. Just remember to keep them clean or they will get too dusty.

4. Prioritize scents

Spending the majority of my time at home, the air in my house often smells stale. As soon as I stopped neglecting my nose and incorporated some fragrance in my environment, it made a world of difference.

This is the easiest and most crucial step to feeling more relaxed in your household. Purchase a few nice candles. Keep your favorite scented hand lotions near the sinks in your house. Burn some incense. Try out some essential oils. I bought a diffuser from Target for less than $20. My house has never smelled better!

5. Transform a small section in your home for relaxation

Ever wish you had a reading nook or a meditation corner? Now’s the time! Dedicating a section of a room to your favorite downtime activity is the best way to prioritize your leisure. I placed a small wicker table in a corner of my home with a round cushion in front of it. Now every morning I sit there and meditate for 10 minutes, something I never did before creating this little Zen spot.

No room in your home? Devote an outdoor section to your downtime. A simple piece of patio furniture and a rain-resistant coaster is a great way to start.

At a time where everyone works from home, it’s more important than ever to find accessible ways to separate our work environments from our free time. This Spring, join me in putting yourself first by giving yourself the peaceful home you long deserve.


Desirée Brown is a copywriter and poet. She received her B.A. in English from University of North Carolina-Charlotte and her M.F.A. from New York University. Her work has been featured in Hedge Apple Magazine, Woven Tale Press, Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine, and more. She founded and directed the Young Eager Writers Association. Today, Desirée lives in Atlanta, Georgia as a freelance copywriter & content creator.


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