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Luxer One Services Email Campaign

As a Marketing Specialist at Luxer One, I oversaw all campaigns for the Services department. Below are some of the email campaigns I wrote and designed. The campaigns market the company's Package Liaison program, their storage billing plan feature, and the launch of their returns services.

Full Lockers Luxer One Campaign


Returns Made Easy Luxer One Campaign


Package Pro Tip Luxer One Campaign


Luxer Returns Luxer One Campaign


Hindsight 20/24 Luxer One Campaign


Desirée Brown is a copywriter and poet. She received her B.A. in English from University of North Carolina-Charlotte and her M.F.A. from New York University. Her work has been featured in Hedge Apple Magazine, Woven Tale Press, Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine, and more. She founded and directed the Young Eager Writers Association. Today, Desirée lives in Atlanta, Georgia as a copywriter & content creator.


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